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Our Philosophy

We are committed to the principles of insurance with integrity and professionalism while providing to our valued clients the highest quality of service with the goal of exceeding their expectations.



We ensure that our clients are issued with correct and updated documents as per their unique and specific needs; that is:-
o Policy contract documents
o Policy endorsement/amendment documents
o Insurance risk improvement recommendation
o Claims payment documents
o Insurance certificates/motor vehicle stickers

All documents are cross-checked to ensure they meet our clients' precise requirements. No vagueness is accepted at GLORIOUS. Just the truthful facts for peace of mind of our client.

Insurance claims service

We assist our clients:-
o File their insurance claims correctly and on time.
o Document their claims correctly and factually to ensure prompt payment.
o Follow up recovery of unsettled claims from those responsible.
o Follow up on police reports where necessary.

Records kept for you

We keep for our clients a copy of a detailed record of all their insurance matters including:-
o Copies of all insurance policies and certificates.
o Copies of all policy amendments/ endorsements
o Copy record of all insured claims.
o Insurance premium payment/refund records.
o Finances/bank interest certification records.
o Arrange Insurance premium financing (IPF) for our clients

These records ensure that our clients have up to date information on all their insurances for their use at all times.

Service to our clients

Insurance is a complex business and all insurance documents are written in a legal language. As Your insurance advisor ensures that:-
o You fully understand all your insurance needs.
o You fully understand all your insurance policy contracts.
o You file your insured claims correctly and on time.
o You get paid fully for all your insured losses.
o Your premium account is up to date at all times to ensure continuous protection.

Visitations to our clients

Our team does visits to our clients to share with them their feelings, changes they may need in their policies and we advise them accordingly.

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